How David Pocock found the good life in Canberra

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David Pocock is more than happy in Canberra.David Pocock has played just five games for the ACT Brumbies in two years, but in that time he’s quite literally put down Canberra roots.

The garden of the inner north home he shares with wife Emma now boasts 30 fruit trees and plants, chickens and more vegetables than you’d find on the supermarket shelf.

His teammates joke the 630 square metres block is the “Noah’s ark of Canberra” and cultivating the garden has been one his escapes through two injury-ruined years since he moved to the capital.

As he prepares to play his comeback game for the Brumbies against the Queensland Reds at Canberra Stadium on Friday night, Pocock has helped launch a new campaign aimed at promoting pride in his adopted home city.

From Friday, The Canberra Times newspaper�0�2will carry the We Are CBR logo in its print masthead, a gesture it’s hoped will be embraced by other businesses and organisations throughout the city and surrounds.

“People from other capital cities give Canberra a bad knock, but that’s fine by me…I’m incredibly proud to live here and I love it,” Pocock said.

David and Emma embraced Canberra from the moment they arrived from Perth in 2012, exploring the city’s sights, visiting local markets and even doing what many Canberra natives would never –�0�2swimming in Lake Burley Griffin.

In the tradition of his neighbourhood, where many migrants settled in the 1950s, the Pococks have made the garden around their “small, old house” as agricultural as possible.

“There’s some Zimbabwean maize, corn in the front yard. About 30 fruit trees of all different sorts, including 15 different apples,” Pocock said.

“Vegetables –�0�2there’s tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, greens, all the herbs, a heap of chilli and capsicum … there’s a fair bit there.

“I’ve only been here two-and-a-half years and I’ve noticed some change in the inner north of Canberra. I was talking to a guy who built the house behind us in 1948, he was telling me he still remembers when a horse-drawn cart used to come around and sharpen everyone’s vegie spades.

“I love living here. I’ve loved the last two years despite not being able to play.”

The We Are CBR campaign is an extension of the broader CBR campaign launched in 2014. Warren Apps, from advertising agency Coordinate, said it was a way of meeting the demand of businesses, groups and individuals wanting to show their pride in the city.

“We had enquiries from businesses wanting to use the brand in various ways, from junior sporting teams travelling interstate to local retailers wanting to identify themselves as local businesses providing local produce,” Mr Apps said.

“I guess you could call it a community pride mark in some ways, something that allows people to express their pride in the city.”

People interested in displaying the logo will be able to access it in various colours and